6 Months


 I don’t know how it’s possible that we’ve had Rhett for over six whole months already. He has honestly been a dream baby..which scares me for the next one. I read a funny story about a mom nursing a babe while having to walk her diaper-less 2 year old to the potty as she’s pooping.. I just know a version of that is gunna be me.  Karma is gunna get me back. So for now, I’m just going to smile and thank my little Rhett man. These 6 months have truly been the best of our lives.

WE CALL HIM: Rhett, Rhett man, bubba, boobie man, mister Rhett
STATS: 15th percentile for weight and length, 50th percentile for head circumference & no teeth yet!
WEARING: 3-6 months, size 1 & 2 shoes
MAJOR MILESTONE: He started the army crawl… we aren’t far from baby proofing the entire house!
SAYS: “mmm” when he wants something & “mom”
LIKES: Sleeping *by himself* (he does not like to cuddle haha), looking at himself in the mirror, the dog, taking baths with mom, sucking his left two fingers backwards, listening to music, reading books
DISLIKES: Being buckled in the car seat, going to sleep & waking up, laying on his back, raspberries
FAVORITE FOODS: Still nursing, but we started introducing solids like sweet potato, peas, bananas, blueberries.. all of which he has seemed to enjoy.  The only thing he’s refused so far is a french fry haha.
FAVORITE THING: Our phones, electrical cords or shoelaces & drinks (like anything I put to my mouth)  Put any of these things out in front of him and he’s close to an all-out sprint to get to it.
FAVORITE TOY:  Sophie (we call him Gerry) the teether goes with us everywhere & Rhett can’t get enough of him.
CUTEST TIC: There have been two so far.. for a few weeks around Halloween, he would growl/babble in a really deep voice that sounded like darth vader which was so cute. Now, he scrunches up his nose and sniffs like a dog over and over. It’s hilarious!
FATHER OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR: Handing him a *whole* chocolate chip cookie and walking away without telling anyone.. queue the near death choking.
MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD FOR: Watching him nosedive off the end of the footrest of one of our chairs.. I was sitting right there & getting ready to move him before it happened, but I never said I had quick reflexes! #facepalm


Danny and I say to each other how cool Rhett is all the time.. he’s literally our favorite thing.


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