$50 Holiday Gifts

$50 is the max I’ll spend on a gift for someone other than my husband.  I can’t justify spending more than that & honestly I don’t think it would mean more to someone to receive a gift worth more.  I actually found this guide to be a little more difficult because of that reason.  I think there are plenty of gifts in the $25-$30 range that I would prefer giving to someone I care about.  That being said, I’d say these are more of the types of things you’d get for someone just because; they’re fun or pretty-luxury items.

$50 GIFTS.jpg

simplified planner | This would be a useful gift for someone you know that may need a little more organization in their life; a mom who’s always busy or has a few kids who are active in school and sports. Of course this one is $58, but this company is worth the investment.

tic-tac-toe | No one actually needs a marble tic-tac-toe game, but wouldn’t it look so pretty sitting out on the coffee table? I bet it’d get used more than you could imagine.. Buy it for a friend who has everything!

swell bottle | A $50 water bottle better be pretty special, right? Well this thing can keep the contents cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12.  Also, a portion of their sales are donated to UNICEF to provide clean drinking water to children around the world. So you’re being nice and charitable!

kendra scott earrings | You’ve probably seen knock-off’s of this brand all over the place, but you’re paying for the real thing here…her simple designs and genuine stones don’t disappoint.

wood xylophone | Don’t let the picture fool you, this is a pretty big wooden toy.  You know kids love to bang on things, why not give them something they’re actually allowed to!

pajamas + socks | A practical gift for your sister or aunt.. the pj set is on sale, so snatch it up and a few pairs of those cozy socks to go with!

leather phone case | You’d have to know that the person you’re buying this for has an iPhone 6, but I think this leather case is pretty cool.  Plus you can spend the extra cash on a gift card to sneak in the pocket on the back!

personalized stamp | I’d love to get this as a gift. This is a custom return address stamp; you give the gift and the recipient gets to go online and pick their favorite design!

laura mercier bath goods | Laura Mercier makes some pretty fancy products.. Get this for your mom or MIL to make their bath time extra luxurious.

recipe box + spoons | Lots of people love to bake during the holidays, so get this for the first person you can think of! You could even put one of your favorite recipes on a card before you give it away. And coming from experience, measuring spoons have a way of getting lost, so one can never have too many!

zip hoodie | Is your husband one of those guys who have a few favorite things and that’s all they wear? This would be perfect him.  It’s a classic!

That concludes my 2015 holiday gift guide.. I hope it was somewhat helpful for your shopping list, if not for the exact things then maybe just to spur up some ideas! Remember it’s not as much about the money spent as it is the thought behind it; don’t assume you need to spend a lot of money to make a gift special.  Come back on Monday to see a few simple things you can get to package a pretty present! say that three times fast.


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