$25 Holiday Gifts

I’d say $25 is the sweet spot for gifting.  It’s enough to get a substantial present without feeling like you spent an arm & a leg.. A trick I use a lot is to find a gift worth a little less than $25 and use the rest on an added bonus gift.  Like a book + a gift card for a coffee.  That way it feels like a more personalized gift & you didn’t have to spend any extra cash!

$25 GIFTS.jpg

carry on cocktail | I think this is a genius gift for someone you know who travels frequently.  You could even do a DIY version and put together a carry on cocktail kit with the tiny liquor bottles & cute packaging.

flannel scarf + hat | Ladies like me love scarves and hats. I’d be extremely happy to receive these two things as gifts! (Old Navy always has a sale so don’t ever pay full price!)

smartphone lens + app store | For your photographer friend, or someone who just loves taking photos.  Add an app store gift card on top so he or she can buy their favorite editing app too!

book + Starbucks | I’ve heard so many great reviews of this book. Books are typically hard to gift if you don’t know the recipient’s favorite genre, but this one has the advantage of just being useful. Lots people love to drink coffee while they read, so get a gift card with enough to buy one and slip it inside the front cover.

tee + socks | I love these jersey style tees- on boys & girls! It’s on super sale right now at Nordstrom so grab a couple pairs of socks to round out the gift.

necklace | This necklace would be perfect for the fashionista in your life.  It’s a “statement necklace” without being too much & it could go with almost anything.

merry christmas sign | I’d purchase this for someone I knew who just bought their first house.  They are the people who need decorations and I’m sure would love a neutral decor sign for the holiday.

primer + compact | Sephora always has great steals this time of year for gifting.  This primer and travel compact is perfect for a young girl just getting in to makeup.

speaker + iTunes | Do you know someone who loves to sing in the shower? This suction cup speaker would be the perfect gift! And you’ll have 5 bucks left for an iTunes gift card so they can buy a few songs.

mugs | Moscow mules are all the rage this season and $25 for a set of two is a pretty good deal. For a few dollars more you could get one of those tiny vodka bottles and an individual ginger beer to package it together so they’re ready for use immediately!

A huge part of gift giving for me is the packaging.  Even though a gift bag with tissue paper is the simplest way to get the job done, I’d much rather spend a few dollars on a basket or bin or ribbons & bows–the dollar spot at Target always has inexpensive choices! I think next week I’ll show you what I mean.. It truly makes all the difference in the presentation of your gift!


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