Baby Advent

There are a few memories I hold close to the heart from my childhood Christmases & opening a new door on our advent calendar is one of them.  I remember it being so exciting and fun to immediately wake up and see what was behind the next door.  Obviously Rhett is too young to understand, but I thought if I don’t start the tradition now, I’ll never do it.  The things in his first advent will be things he needs anyways or activities we can do together during the month of December.

advent for baby tallday 1. day 2. day 3. day 4. day 5. day 6. day 7. day 8.
day 9. day 10day 11. day 12. day 13. day 14. day 15. day 16.
day 17. day 18. day 19. day 20. day 21. day 22. day 23. day 24.

Danny and I have already gone out to purchase some of these items.. honestly, I think we could get everything for around $100!  The next thing will be to figure out the Calendar itself & to find cute wrapping paper.

Happy Monday!


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