Baby’s First Christmas


I recently came across a gift wishlist guide I think we will use for our kids. It includes 4 things: a want, need, wear, & read. I think it’s silly to use Christmas as an excuse to let kids make a list of every.single.thing. they want and expect “Santa” to bring it, so this is a great alternative.  I think it’ll help everyone stay focused on the time we spend together being the celebration and the gifts are an added bonus. Also, since it’ll be a few years before Rhett can tell us what he wants for these four things, this guide is particularly helpful for us first-time parents…it definitely helps pare down the list to not go overboard! 
baby's first christmas

WANT | This swing would be perfect for inside or outside; I think Rhett would love it + it is beautiful!

NEED | Rhett is just about to start eating foods so his Christmas is going to be full of the things he’ll need for that.  I love this high chair and have heard so so many great reviews.

WEAR | As I said previously, he always needs pj’s & this pair is so cute.. I can’t get over the little guys skiing on it!

READ | This book is technically for me–well aren’t they all since I’m reading them to him?–but I think it would be an excellent resource and will help give Rhett a solid foundation for healthy eating.

We will likely do an advent calendar too though because I remember it being so fun as a kid & it will help keep us in the holiday spirit throughout the month! There are so many beautiful DIY calendars on Pinterest that I don’t know which one to choose.. maybe this one? or this? I can’t do tiny trinkets since Rhett is so little, but I can use this as a way to give him a fun activity of opening a present that I would have bought him anyways.. I’m thinking his first ornament, snacks, socks, his Christmas pj’s, cookie cutters for a baking activity, utensils, a hat etc. I’ll do a follow-up post of the things we choose!


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