Christmas without Breaking the Bank

It goes without saying people spend a lot of money during the holidays.  With the decorations, food, gifts, & cocktails things add up quick! So for the past few years, my side of the family has resorted to “fun” gifting rather than everyone giving presents to everyone.  One year we re-gifted gifts, once a secret santa, and last year we played the white elephant game for board games.  We of course have a budget to stick to so it’s fair, but it usually turns out pretty well.  I’m hoping to convince my family to opt for a favorite things gift game this year.  It seems like a fairly simple, but unique way for everyone to go home with a few gifts of their choosing. Here are the instructions for how to play:
gift exchange game
I’ve seen this played in different ways, like some choose just 1 favorite thing and bring 6 of them or have a higher price point.  But what I like about this version is it makes the game itself more fun.  There are more items to choose from and I think a max of $30 per person is just right for our group. I tried limiting the items to only $5 a piece, but I just couldn’t find that many fun things.. I found lots for around $7 so I thought putting a range of $5-$10 would be a better alternative.  Here are some of the ideas I came up with:

favorite things

individually wrapped chocolatesfestive socks, gift cardsfancy soaps,  a favorite drinkan ornamenta pretty mugfun signsset of wine glassescookie cutterssunglasses, & whiskey stones.

You could amp up the fun factor if you made everyone wrap their gifts so you don’t know what you’re getting until you open it! I’d totally be the person who wraps something to make it look like something else, haha. But I think we’ll stick to just packaging them pretty so that everyone can scope out the whole table and make decisions off of what they want & not just what they get.  How do you do family gift exchanges? I’d love to hear!


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