Tot Threads: Dapper Baby

I have found it extremely difficult to figure out what Rhett’s going to wear for our family pictures.. Since I am opting for shooting in a studio with more dressy outfits, it’s hard to find much between casual wear and a full tuxedo for babies his size.  As I’ve said in the past, I can find barely any outfit inspiration online so here I am today sharing what I’ve found that will hopefully work & maybe help if you’re looking for ideas yourself! I’m wearing this dress, and I haven’t decided exactly what Danny will wear..which is a whole ‘nother problem in itself.

tot threads dapper baby
velour romper
plaid romper | cardigan | shoes
cream sweater | gingham shirt | jeans | shoes
white oxford | jeans | shoes | suspenders
shirt | jacket | pants | shoes

Originally, I thought I’d go the easiest way possible and use his velour romper and be done, but I’m not sure I like that look; it could easily look like pajamas.  If we were going a little more casual, I’d do the second outfit with Rhett’s new Mini Boden romper (thanks grammy!) but I think I’ll save that outfit for Christmas. I could make the third outfit work with a few items he has and I think the purple would match well with my dress.  Or I could make his outfit look similar to Danny’s with the fourth option.. but it may be too plain? The fifth outfit is definitely the most dapper & Rhett would look so handsome, but it’d probably be best to use a few things we already own & it’s none of that haha.

Well I guess now I need to go find Danny’s outfit so we can see which of these matches best. And try it on Rhett.. which is neither easy or fun!  Who knew getting our photos taken would be so damn difficult?! Now I know how it feels to be on the other side of it!


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