Errands in PJ’s

Some days (like today) I really just don’t feel like getting ready to go anywhere, but sitting around the house in my pajamas isn’t an option.  So here’s what I’d like to call the errand-running equivalent to pj’s & things you should always have handy for a quick change in your closet.
comfy outfit for 100

gray sweater | this sweater has me all kinds of happy for the bat sleeve and knit material.. easy to throw on and instantly look more put together

basic white tee | you likely have one of these in your closet already, but if you’re anything like me you want more.  I’ve heard this tee is better than the $48 splendid version so I’m gunna have to try it out for myself!

chucks | I’ve had my chucks on repeat since I got them last spring and I have thought to myself numerous times I’ll never go without a clean white pair again.

sunnies | This style of sunglasses is popping up everywhere, but no matter how beautiful I can’t justify spending that much on sunglasses.. these are a cheap alternative that will hide a makeup-less face just as well!

$20.67 + $12.00 + $55.00 + $8.90 = 96.57*1.07= $103.33

I got a lot closer to my budget this time! I’d wear this outfit with a basic pair of leggings..but if you already have the chucks, do yourself a favor & use the extra cash on this pair–they are perfectly opaque and super comfy! I promise you won’t regret it. Now I’m off to find an outfit for our family photos.. Wish me luck!


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