Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite holidays.  Growing up we used to have everyone in our family over at our house for a huge dinner and I remember it being so much fun.  I want that for my family one day.  I don’t care where or when, but when I’m an old lady I want my kids and I to all get together-with their families-to celebrate the holiday and spend quality time together.  Not just a “hi! bye!” get together, but one with cooking & games & story telling. I think in order for that to happen, we have to have traditions that make the holidays a very special and memorable time for us as a family now.  Here is a list of traditions that I hope to start (for Thanksgiving through Christmas).. I’m sure over the years it will change as we determine what’s important and even possible for us, but it’s a good starting point!10 family holiday traditions list

I think it’s great to have fun as a family and do things for ourselves, but I also want to teach my kids the importance of sharing this special time with others.  So #5 will give us the chance to have fun ourselves & also to make someone else happy–& we all know that old people love kids (and cookies) so we can’t go wrong there! I stole #7 from my family; we would always set up the tree together and decorate it to the Celine Dion Christmas CD haha. So now I have to find a good disc for us to use–I thought maybe Michael Buble, but his CD has too many traditional Christmas songs for my liking– I guess if I don’t find one, I could make a mix of my own.. Do you have any suggestions? What holiday traditions do you look forward to each year?


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