Halloweekend Recap

We chose to forgo trick-or-treating this year since Rhett’s too young to understand, let alone eat the candy so we stayed inside where it was warm & dry. (Lawd help me for when it’s nasty out on Halloween and we have to go out!) I thought our costumes turned out surprisingly well considering the last minute change of plans..Except for the fact that the cashier at Target asked me, “what are you supposed to be? Cat woman or something?” Ummmm..


I do however think we should have went as a family of Star Wars characters because Rhett has been doing this hilarious babble/growl that literally sounds like Darth Vader.. Grammy says to make sure I get it on video because I won’t remember it in a few years. It seems almost impossible to forget, but I bet she’s right so I’m on a mission to get it on video this week!

Also, time change was this weekend. Which really meant nothing other than pretending the whole day that the time hadn’t changed at all for Rhett. I guess I hadn’t even thought about how daylight savings would effect his sleeping. I probably should have started helping him transition last week, but I can’t go back now! I got the chance to sneak out early baby-less for donuts and milk, however. Here’s a tip: never take for granted “just running in” ANYWHERE because once you have a child there is no such thing..that little taste of freedom was priiime! Almost enough to make up for not getting an extra hour of precious sleep.

With Christmas now only 8 weeks away, I have quite the list of things to do to prepare.  Stay tuned later this week for the 10 holiday traditions I’m planning (or carrying on) for our family!


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