Hostess Moment

gobbleWhenever I host an event, I think about every detail & try to imagine how the whole night will go so I don’t forget anything.  Do they always turn out how I imagined? No. But I’ve always felt pretty good about it once the last dish has been cleaned and the last of the trash taken out. Being a good hostess requires you to not only think about the event, but also to anticipate the needs of your guests.. For example: an unexpected bathroom emergency that could otherwise embarrass someone.. if you catch my drift? Pun intended. Haha. Whether this is your first time hosting or you’ve been around the block a few times, I thought a checklist for your home may be helpful–this is meant to be done in the last hour or so before your guests arrive!

Living Room

    If there isn’t enough room for everyone to have a seat, grab a few throw pillows and blankets for the floor.
    Open the blinds and turn on the lights for lunch, or light candles & dim the lights for evening (don’t forget the candle by the front door!)
    People can use them before the meal is served or after when you’re looking for something to do between the main event & dessert.


    After a whole day of cooking, all the surfaces could use one last wipe down while everything is finishing in the oven.
    If there are any dishes left in the sink, get them washed or put in the dishwasher so you can run it and have an empty washer to put the meal’s dishes straight in.
    Cocktails aren’t as important as the meal, but they’re a close second.. Check to make sure the ice maker is working properly so no one has to go with a lukewarm drink.


    The bathroom should have been deep-cleaned prior to this, so one last wipe down is all that’s necessary.
    You don’t want anyone to have to ask for either of these two things; don’t worry if you have to put them under the sink–guaranteed they’ll look there if it’s not out.
    No one wants to reach for a sour towel to dry their clean hands, so switch to a freshly washed one!
    Just as a candle is a pleasant greeting at the front door, it’s just as welcome if not more in the bathroom.. & something about the flickering light makes your house immediately feel more homey.

I’m off to get the rest of our house ready for my parents’ visit.. Have a great Thanksgiving and don’t forget to step back & enjoy all your hard work!!


Gifts that Wow

 Last week I did a gift guide series for $15, $25 & $50 gift ideas, so I thought it would be fun to follow that up with a unique way to wrap a gift.  Yes, some situations call just for a plain ‘ol bag and tissue paper, but with a few dollars and a little effort you can take an otherwise plain gift to the next level.  Let me show you with one of Danny’s favorite things..

Bacardi & Coke.

If you just put these two things into a bag and called it a day, I’m sure the recipient would be grateful,  but it would certainly look like you went out last minute to throw something together.  Now, add Target’s dollar spot to the mix and you’ve got yourself a winner.  I just picked up these things  to our wrap up our favorite things, but I’ll use them today to demonstrate.

  I definitely don’t need everything I bought to put this together, but I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to package it before I started.  So I played around with everything and found that the Bacardi fit perfectly into the drawstring bag..

Next, I needed to figure out what to do with the Coke. It looked fine without wrapping it at all since it tied in with the colors, but I thought if your bottle didn’t quite match, and for the sake of this demonstration, I’d show you what I came up with haha…

I grabbed the last of a roll of black kraft paper I had downstairs and wrapped the bottle up.  Then I had to choose between sequins and twine.  Ultimately, I went with the red twine because it tied in nicely with the drawstring bag.

Lastly, I threw the bow/bell over the neck of the bottle and called it a day.  I would have written TO:___ FROM:___ on a plain white tag and attached it with one of those mini clips, but I can’t find any of my tags!

So there ya have it!  For an extra $5 (with some leftover for another present) you can make even the most simple gift look festive and fun. Plus the crate, drawstring bag & bell are all reusable! Maybe you’ll get it back in your gift next year?! haha. This could all seem “fussy” to some, but who can honestly say they don’t love opening presents that look pretty too?


ps: you could easily give this gift as-is, but I’d probably stuff in a few pieces of white tissue paper to save the surprise for when he or she actually opens it!

Blush Tones

“No white after labor day” is totally not something I follow.. I actually looked up where that came from and they say it originated with high society in the 1800’s!! I mean come on, that was so long ago I can’t believe people today even consider that relevant.  I’d say I wear less white after the unofficial end of summer, but I definitely don’t consider it a hard & fast rule. If you’re just dipping your toes into the water, try ivory.  It is softer and actually feels like a more fall/winter color than stark white. I don’t care though, I am so in love with light neutrals.. if I could only choose to wear three colors for the rest of my life, I’d pick blush, gold & white.  So that’s what inspired these two outfit ideas.  I think the outfit on the left is like the “grown up” equivalent of the one on the right.. haha. The tulle skirt has me all heart eyes & of course I’m in dreamland with those Loub’s, but they’re on my 30 before 30 list so I’ve got five years. 

blushing for thanksgiving

sweater | skirt | heel | clutch | necklace | wrap cardi | white jeans | booties

I thought the clutch, necklace, & polish would go well with either outfit; Essie’s Ballet Slippers is the most perfect pale pink for any skin tone.  I’ll be wearing a version of the relaxed outfit for our meal. Helping my mom and sister finish the cooking and chasing Rhett around–who’s learning to crawl and dart toward every.single. electrical cord he sees– is not so conducive to a skirt & heels.  Motherhood comes with all kinds of sacrifices…


but he’s worth it.

Anyway, do you have your game plans ready for next Friday? Every year Danny and I say we’re gunna go out early and get the best deals and then the sun rises and we’re like, “do you want to go? no. do you? no.” and go back to bed.  With a baby in the house it is definitely not happening, so I’ll be at home in my pajamas looking online for a few things we need for Rhett; a convertible car seat being the big kahuna. Plus, last year we started the tradition of cutting down our own tree at a Christmas tree farm nearby on the day after Thanksgiving, so I’m excited to have Rhett to take with us this year. Then we’ll go home, turn on the Christmas music, & deck all the halls!

Ahhh I can’t wait.