Witch Better Have My Candy 

In honor of the Eve of Halloween, I thought I’d share with you a festive cocktail recipe and special treat I’m making for my brother in law’s 30th birthday party.  His birthday is on Saturday & my sister has a big UK themed BBQ planned.. there’s even going to be a costume party and scavenger hunt for the kids!

witches brew cocktail recipe

A blue witches brew would blend seamlessly into her UK theme, while still being a little spooky & of course with a martini you’d add the ingredients to a shaker filled with ice first, then pour into the glass (2 points if you can find a plastic one for around kids!). I plan on taking my brother-in-law’s favorite no bake cookies with us! I just followed this recipe…super easy and quick!


Since my DIY Halloween costume was a complete bust–Rhett was going to be an Indian chief, but it turns out that there is a damn good reason headdresses aren’t made that small!– so we decided to go as a family of bank robbers.  If I had more time to order it, I would have bought this sweatshirt, a witches hat from the dollar spot, and taken the witches brew & been all set!  Instead I’ll wear a striped shirt, gloves and take a bottle of 19 crimes. Can’t win them all, haha!



Happy Halloweekend!

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