#tbt x2

As I typed the story of Rhett’s birth last week, I couldn’t help but think how different, or similar, Danny’s version would be..& we all know the truth lies somewhere in the middle, haha!  So I thought it’d be fun if he told me his version (before I read him mine) to see how they compare & to get a first-time dad’s rundown of the whole thing too.  Here’s his story as I type it…

 It’s midnight on Sunday night & we were watching a movie..  I doze off a little bit, but Ashton wakes me up a few minutes later.

ASHTON: I think my water broke.
DANNY: What do you mean you think your water broke?
A: I don’t know, I’m not sure, it feels like I peed my pants.
D: We’re going to the doctor.
A: Well I don’t want to go if it’s not really happening.

So I call the doctor’s office and the recording specifically says, “if your water broke or if you think your water broke, go to the hospital”.  I tell Ashton we’re going.  She showers and changes her clothes, we get the bags in the car and Ashton, of course, is making sure we have everything we need.  Before I bring the last bag down, I go to the bathroom and throw up. I’m not sure why, I suppose I was nervous and scared.. But I came down with the last bag and see Ashton standing in the kitchen waiting for me.

A: Are you okay?
D: Yeah, I’m good. Do we have everything?
A: I think so, but they’re just going to send us back home so it’s all good. Are you sure you’re okay?
D: I’m alright, let’s go.

It meant a lot to me that even though Ashton was the one in labor, she was still worried about me (knowing I had just thrown up). So we drive to the hospital.. it’s nothing like the movies where you drive 100mph to the hospital & rush through the doors saying, “she’s in labor!!” with the lady screaming.. We parked in the lot just like any other time and walked in to the receptionist. Ashton tells her she thinks she might be in labor and her water broke.  The lady responds, “okay we’ll get you checked in and see”.  It couldn’t have been much more than 90 seconds when the nurse came through the doors to get us.

She hands Ashton a gown to change into and tells her to take everything off except her bra.  I remember it being extremely hot in the room, maybe it was me? Who knows.  Of course we can’t figure out how to snap the gown together.. so I went to the nurses station to ask for help and tell her, “we can’t figure out how to get the damn thing on”.  Once that issue was resolved, we had to wait. Our time in that temporary room was the longest and worst because I was still unsure if Ashton was in labor.  It felt like we were in there for an hour, when in all reality it was probably only 15 minutes.  Our nurse who ended up being with us the whole night came in to check the fluid and confirmed that it really was Ashton’s water breaking.  So the nurse straps on these monitor things to Ashton’s belly and asks her some questions, puts an IV thing in her arm in case she needs quick pain relief.. This is where Ashton warns the nurse that I ask A LOT of questions, so she didn’t want her to take it personally. I just want to know what all is going on!

After the nurse was done, she walked us down the hall to a delivery room.  We get there and Ashton says, “oh can I have a room with a jacuzzi in it?”. The nurse nicely says, “no problem, but we’ll just have to wait for one to be cleaned.” So we had to walk all the way back down to the 100 degree room to wait some more. Ten minutes later, it was ready and we headed back again.. the nurse joked that we wouldn’t need to do any walking to help the labor process since we had just walked back and forth.. I thought that was funny.  By this time, Ashton is starting to be in pain and we walked really slow to the room; we had to stop a few times for her to breathe through contractions.

Once we got in the room, things seemed to speed up exponentially. Ashton was on the yoga ball and was shushing me because I was asking too many questions.. Like when the nurse said she was 7cm, I said “oh, so it’ll be a couple more hours?” which seemed to really piss Ashton off–but I didn’t know! After the nurse left, I asked Ash if I could take a nap..I was really tired, I don’t think I have ever pulled an all-nighter before. I honestly think she said yes so I couldn’t ask any more questions.

A little while later, our nurse came in with another nurse and said we’re getting close. The nurses kept whispering to each other and I thought it was weird they kept asking if the doctor had arrived yet.  I guess they had to call him multiple times to get him to come in.  By this point, Ashton was really close to starting to push, so the nurse put on her gloves and it looked like we were going to have to do it without the doc.  But finally he walked in.  Clearly, he was rushed and had a pretty shitty attitude.  He got Ashton in the right position and gown’d up. I was surprised he didn’t even say hello, so I said, “Good morning, doc” he responded with a quick “good morning”.  So Ashton starts pushing and in what felt like seconds, the doctor says “you can see his hair!” so I looked.. but I couldn’t tell what the hell I was looking at, haha. Next I noticed the doctor get a pair of scissors out, but I kept my mouth shut since I had already asked enough questions.  It wasn’t until later that I told Ashton (who was unaware) that she had to have an episiotomy.

So now Rhett was halfway out and he was all purple and blue and limp. Ashton is panicking asking why he isn’t crying, but the doctor says he’s fine he’s not out yet! Two seconds later, he was out and crying before I even have the chance to worry.  So the doctor calls me over to cut the cord and this is when it all becomes real.. there’s a baby and it’s alive and it’s crying and it’s ours.  Then I looked at Ashton and she was pale and shaking like crazy; I was worried something was wrong with her- honestly this was the only time I was worried the entire night.  I asked the nurse multiple times if that was normal and if she was okay, the nurse said,
“yes it’s all the hormones in her body”.

After the doctor stitched Ashton up, he came around and said, “Congratulations, Dad” and for whatever reason, that meant a lot to me.  I guess it was the realization that we now have a baby and I was his father.  In what seemed like just a few minutes, but really was a few hours–we had Rhett. We laughed when we saw his red hair and wondered what our families would think about that. I can’t even explain the joy and happiness a guy can feel at this point.  I was on cloud nine.  And I was so proud of Ashton; she did a great job especially without an epidural.  All we could do was smile and cry & be amazed at our own little human, right in front of us.

Pretty much the same, yes? Haha I completely forgot about not getting the gown snapped together and the delivery room situation.  Can you believe Danny had never pulled an all-nighter before?! When he said that I didn’t believe him either! So that’s the night we became parents.. I can’t imagine how it will go next time around, especially with a big brother in the mix!


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