The Nursing Mama

If you are one who has chosen to breastfeed baby, once you deliver said child, you have opened the doors to one of the most sentimental and difficult things you’ll do with him or her. Nursing is the most natural of ways to feed an infant and yet it feels so unnatural in the beginning.   It’s hard to think back to the first few weeks of nursing with Rhett, and I’d say I had it easy.  There are other mamas who certainly have had it worse and pushed through, for the sake of their child.  You and baby are both trying to figure out what to do, how to position yourselves, how many pillows you need stuffed in what places etc. and it hurts. I don’t mean to scare you, but it huuurts. and it makes you feel like this is the most outrageous of things to be doing. But after those first few weeks, you both get accustomed to it and I can honestly say you’ll enjoy it.  It is precious time you get to spend with your little one, without a single distraction.  He or she will look you directly in the eye and you’ll smile, knowing that you made it there together.  Your boobs will never be the same, but then again what else will?  Before you were not a mom and now you are a mom.  That means something! And it should be celebrated.   So today I have for you the holy grail of nursing mama’s necessities.. the things you don’t know why you need until you’re in the thick of it!

nursing mama necessities

tank| These from Forever 21 I wear under practically everything because I don’t always wear “nursing friendly” shirts.  So they cover my belly when I pull my shirt up & they are super cheap!

nursing cover| I use this when I nurse in public and we also use it for a car seat cover to keep wandering eyes & hands from baby.

leggings| I don’t own this pair, but I do have a very similar pair of leggings that I love.  I have only heard great reviews of this brand, so I will definitely get them the next time I’m pregnant–dual purpose!  They’ll help smooth out your postpartum midsection & also cover your belly while nursing, just like a tank.

pajamas| 2 things about pajamas; 1) easy access 2) something you don’t mind ruining.  You’ll wash this outfit as much as all the baby laundry you’re going through, so just buy something cheap and then you’ll feel less guilty when you have to throw it away.

nursing pads| These will help in the first couple months when leaking is at an all-time high..which will eventually stop; I promise! I used a couple different brands, but liked these best because they have two strips of adhesive, they are soft for your tenderness, and undetectable under your shirt.

bra| I also have two with under wire and a sports bra, but if I could go back and do it over, I’d buy three of these and forget the others.  It is the most comfortable bra I own and it has pads inside for 2x the coverage.

tee| This is my favorite tee, it’s super soft and stretchy and it makes me feel proud that I’m a mom! But it’s also a good idea to pack an extra shirt for mom in the diaper bag, too. (Size up on shirts that aren’t specifically for nursing!)

coconut oil| I mentioned this before, but I tried everything when I had cracked and tender nipples.. this worked quickest and the best, by far!! And you can use the left over for any of the 1000 uses once you’ve toughened up a little.

 I give this to you in the hopes that if I help you be prepared just a tiiiiiny bit more for reality, you’ll have the strength to stick with it. Because the long and the short of it is…You’ll wake up the first time they sleep through the night covered in milk and boobs as hard as bowling balls; baby will be screaming in public and you have to decide that their hunger is more important than if people judge you; they’ll unlatch and milk will spray everywhere.. probably even in your mouth; they’ll wrestle with you like a fighter–kicking their legs and moving their head back and forth and you’ll get frustrated; & just hearing another baby crying will make you leak through your bra and shirt.. but take a breath and remember:

You’ve got this, mama!



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