Tot Threads: Jammies

The one thing we always need for Rhett are new jammies.. spit up or drool always seems to end up drenching the front before we actually put him down for bed, so they are in the laundry pile a lot. For newborns, the sleep sacks and knotted gowns are perfect for midnight changes (however I totally stand by not changing babe unless it’s absolutely necessary in the middle of the night; it just wakes them up even more!) Once baby gets a little bigger, the onesies with the feet help keep tootsies warm and the zippers make getting ready for bed a breeze. My favorites are the sets without the feet because I think they make Rhett look even more like a little man.  Here are a few examples of cute patterns for the coming months. Lots of festive prints for Christmas are out, but I didn’t want to include too many since Thanksgiving is before Christmas and I stand firm on keeping the decorating for Black Friday… babies included. ha!

tot threads jammies for baby boys

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

Since I plan to make a tradition of giving our kids a new pair of jammies each year on Christmas Eve, I’ll do another edition just for that to help me narrow it down.. I may even have to enlist Danny for some advice. Who am I kidding? he’ll probably say he likes them all the same!


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