On Sale Now

After a pretty long and stressful week around here, I’m definitely in need of some retail therapy.  So Danny and I made an impromptu plan to go to Indy this weekend to do some Christmas shopping…I have a list of gifts for family that we will hopefully knock out and then there’s another store I want to check out called Roman & Leo that we have planned this whole trip around. It’s a boutique that only sells boys clothes (a lot of them by those small shops I talked about in last week’s tot threads!).  They have pretty limited hours for us to make it in time because Danny works Saturdays, but he got it off this week so, away we go! Since shopping is on my brain, I wanted to give you some inspiration for gifts (for you or for others) that are currently on sale.

on sale now OCTOBER

booties| I don’t see enough booties in this color.  I think they’d look perfect with an outfit of warm neutrals. The Macy’s shoe sale never disappoints, so if these are out of your budget for gifting, I’m sure you could find another pair that aren’t.

purse| Unless you’re buying something for your grown up daughter, this particular purse is probably out of your price range for gifts.  But this one is a pretty good deal for a Rebecca Minkoff.. The small crossbody purses with a chain for the strap are very popular right now-look for something similar!

flare jeans| Joe’s jeans are my absolute favorite.  They are super soft and the fit is perfect for me.. I like this flare because it’s not too big; just enough to cover your shoe and graze the floor.  That’s the most important thing about wearing flares– always wear them with a heel so they are never dragging on the ground

skirt| A pencil skirt this length is a closet staple for a young adult woman.  You could easily make this work-appropriate with heels and a nice blouse or dress it down with a tucked in tee, baseball hat and converse.

cardigan| The cardigans at Gap are so soft and so well made.  Gray is the new black, so either get this as a gift for someone else or yourself.. you won’t be disappointed!

boots| I’m predicting that over the knee boots will become “the new bootie” haha no, not like the song.  through the next couple fall/winters so having a nice pair to wear through the years is important.  Bandolino does make a good shoe and these are surprisingly inexpensive.

shirtdress| I like dresses for the simplicity & you really can’t go wrong with one like this.  I’d call it a casual LBD.

melted lipstick set| These lipsticks are amazing.  If you haven’t tried one, you must! It’s not technically on sale, but it is a special set that is priced for gift giving (a full size of just one is $21!).  This would be a perfect gift for a girl in your life who loves makeup.

ray ban | This pair of sunglasses is likely not one you’d buy for someone else, but they’re $40 off because Nordstrom now price matches! As if Nordstrom could get any better? I guess they can.  Nonetheless, sunglasses are a great gift and you can literally find them at all different price points.  My favorite pair I found in California three years ago at a Nordstrom Rack–they always have great deals on designer eye wear.

henley hoodie| My husband has been living in the hoodie he has like this.  It’s the perfect weight, style, and fit. If you bought this as a gift for your man, he’d definitely want more. (It’s one of those, once a guy finds something they like, they buy it in every color)

pillow| I included this because I thought it would be a cute halloween/fall decoration, but I’ve always considered throw blankets and pillows easy options for gift giving.

There you have it! In the meantime, we’ll be crossing our fingers for a happy baby this weekend; nothing screws up shopping more than a screaming baby in the echoey halls of a mall.


Happy Friday!

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