Pattern Play

I set out to create an outfit using a few wardrobe staples for under $100.. & I got really close. I think the subtle mixing of the patterns is just enough to create visual interest without going overboard, & I’d suggest layering the plaid shirt under the sweater for a more polished look!

budget friendly fall outfit for $100

So here’s the breakdown:

sweater | This is a closet staple for sure.  A black crew neck sweater can go with sooo many outfits.  That being said, you want one that’s made well and can last through the years. $19.99 is a great price for such a piece.

plaid shirt | Everyone could use a good flannel in the fall. I love the pattern of this one–it still feels festive, but classy.  If you already have one, use that and buy some jewelry with the extra cash! $19.90

skirt | I am slowly warming up to the idea of wearing skirts (I always thought dresses were easier, however such is not the case with nursing) So I liked this one for the polka dots, and JCrew Factory usually does me well for fit.. At $39.50, it is a good chunk of my budget, but I think it could be something I’d wear over and over.

shoe | These lace up flats are totally in this season, but choosing a nude color will transition them into spring and next year seamlessly. At $22.97 these are a total steal!

$19.99+$19.90+$39.50+$22.97= 102.36*1.07=$109.53

Now you can use the jewelry you already own to spice it up a little..  I’d add my favorite stud earrings, a stack of bracelets on my wrist and maybe even a watch.  I’d probably do a beachy wave for an effortless look with my hair and keep the makeup super simple with a nude lip! How would you add your own twist to this outfit?


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