Tot Threads: Shoes

Yesterday I had a serious case of the Monday’ was literally just the pits.  Well it actually started off great with a visit from a friend and her son (2 points for conversations with other mommas who get it!) But once they left, my whole afternoon fell apart.  I packed us all up to go to the grocery, except by the time I reached the front of our addition a message on the car told me the coolant was low– but more like, “find a safe place to pull over” so I’m all !!! I guess we’ll go back home!  And good thing we did because Rhett pooped & it was literally up to his shoulders.. No way was I going in the grocery like that!  So I got him in the tub to wash off & he cried the entire time..probably my fault for accidentally getting soap in his eye #motheroftheyear.  Then I get him to take a nap and go to work on my computer, which decides it needs to do a 2 hour long update. I guess I won’t be getting anything done during his nap. Needless to say, we ordered chinese takeout for dinner and called it a day once dad got home.

Thankfully we have had much better luck today…Rhett’s kicked off shoe didn’t fall out of his car seat at the grocery this morning! Haha. I’d always thought he wouldn’t wear shoes until he started walking.. boy was I wrong.  Personally, I feel like he isn’t fully dressed and ready to go without shoes, so we have quite the collection going for him. I’m pretty sure he has more shoes in rotation than I do at this point haha. I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites for this week’s tot threads, a couple pairs that he owns and a few that are in my shopping carts across the web! I think it’s also important to mention that baby shoe sizes are quite different depending on the brand (and the child), but we’ve been following a loose guide of size 1: 0-6 months & size 2: 6-12 months. Who has a tape measure to get an exact measurement of baby’s squirming feet anyways?

shoes for baby boys

|saucony|nike frees|moccs|uggs|beige polo|oxfords|converse|duck boots|toms|

And like I’ve always said, the stuff we buy Rhett today isn’t just going to be used once.. his shoes will eventually be worn by all of our babies so looking at it that way makes me feel a little better about the expense. And since he’s not walking yet, these will never get dirty! Don’t you just love those duck boots?! oh em geee I could just die. (heart eye emoji)




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