Owning a Vizsla


Riplee is our first baby.  We feed her, give her medicine, take her to the vet yearly, she goes on vacations with us (when she can), she sleeps in bed with us.. And for people with animals, this is nothing new.  But Vizslas (VEE-SH-LAS) require more than that.  They call them velcro dogs because they never leave your side & I’m here to tell you, they ain’t lyin! She follows me to whatever room I am in, plops down on top of me next to me and takes a snooze until I decide to get up.  They’re also very high-energy dogs.  She will run circles around the yard or the house just because, she can run for miles without stopping & she will play fetch until you’re tired of throwing the ball.  I call her a diva and really she is.. she wants attention and when she doesn’t have it she’ll whine for it. When she wants outside or fed, she wants it now.  When the blankets aren’t just so, she will crawl out of them and whine to get back under.  This may sound like a rant, but I assure you it is not.  I love that I have a dog I can always count on for some kind of excitement.


She’ll learn new tricks for any kind of treat you’ll offer and show them off to our friends and family.  She aims to please and that’s typical of the breed. She has been so gentle with Rhett and never gets feisty around him.  She’s a champ when we go for long car rides and loves to have her ears flapping in the wind outside the window.  She will nudge your arm for a pet and lick your face until you tell her to stop.  She gets so excited when I say “dad’s home” and jumps up to greet Danny at the door every day.  She will play with the water in the bath, but not actually get in the bath.  But this kind of dog isn’t for everyone. Yes, she is a beautiful dog & she’s the perfect size, not too big-not too small.  When you get a Vizsla, you aren’t just getting a dog; you’re getting another member of the family who needs exercise and entertainment, stimulation and challenge, love and attention–and they’ll remind you of that on the daily.
4 vizsla

but we wouldn’t want her any other way.

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