Friday Finds @ Target

 I have a love/hate relationship with Target. Wana know why? Because they have stuff women like me love to use, decorate with, wear, you name it–but sometimes I just think to myself “who do you think you are, Target?” Like when I see a shirt for $34. I cannot justify spending that much on a shirt from Target because it never fails to end up in the ‘toss’ pile quicker than I’d like.  That being said, they do have some great stuff that I’m happily willing to shell out for. More often than not, those things come from a few areas: home (decor, office, kitchen), beauty, and the beloved dollar spot.  Recently, I made a trip into the place of oblivion and found they had a handful of things I really liked.  Think of it as a way to shop Target without having to actually go in one..because you know no one can go into that store without leaving $100 at the register.


After coming home to go through the pictures, it became evident that shiny metals and warm woods drew my eye all through the store. Coincidence? I think not.

This aisle has to be my favorite in the entire store.  I always save it for last, like as a special treat! haha. It screams at me, “everything you need to redecorate an entire room in one spot!!” You know?! Let me illustrate.

target one aisle living room redo

table lamp|jack|accent table|woven basket|faux fur throw|diamond pillow|gold geometric pillow|plaid pillow|floor lamp

See? Let’s assume I already own the couch, chair, and floor lamp–everything else I added is in that aisle! And this happens every season! Target has some tricks up their sleeve I tell ya. #targetdoesitagain

TGIF! xo.

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