Tot Threads: Halloween Edition

baby's first halloween diy

Halloween is definitely on the brain over here at casa rynearson.. first holidays are kind of a big deal! There are literally so many options for baby costumes, but we don’t want Rhett to be just anything you could buy at the store. So, I’ve scoured the internet looking for a DIY costume and have come across some pretty cute ideas.   Granted they aren’t costumes no one has ever done (is there anything no one has ever tried!?) but I think the DIY part makes it more unique & fun.

 baby's first halloween costume ideas

  • SWAN
    This link will get you to a variation of the swan costume (there were no instructions for the Bjorn swan dress like the picture) But you could easily follow the directions I gave and adjust it by adding a stuffed tube of fabric attached to the body for it to look like this one!
    Pineapples were a hit this summer-keep it alive by making this simple costume for your baby girl or boy!
    As cute as baby animals are, I really like the idea of costumes for things too! The donut would be cute for a tiny baby.. one that can’t roll over yet!
    Penguins remind me of babies who are just learning to walk haha!
    I can’t get over how fluffy this chicken costume is.. see how a DIY version can make even a typical costume so much more unique?!
    This would be a perfect costume for babies who love tummy time!
  • BAT
    This DIY looks pretty easy and the striped pants make it even more adorable.
    Okay this is a serious contender for Rhett’s costume.  I love that it’s a pig in a blanket, not just the traditional pig costume. (Just use a pale pink onesie and socks to make this for a baby!)
    Martha stewart is the queen of DIY and this lobster costume is a mix of cute and classy for your little babe.  Carry him/her in a stock pot and you’ll be sure to get a few laughs!

I didn’t share the idea I have for Rhett because I haven’t seen what I’m going to do on a baby his age.  I’ll be sure to share directions once I have it all put together! What are your babies going to be this year? I’d love to hear any cute family costumes you have planned!


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