On the Hunt for…

Just having had a baby comes with allll kinds of new territory & sleepwear is no exception. So long are the days of wearing anything you wouldn’t mind having some kind of bodily fluid on & for now, easy access and easy to clean materials are top priority. Since the leaking and multiple night feedings have tapered off, I am confident I can now wear something other than the three shirts I’ve had in rotation since Rhett was born.  I’m looking for pajamas that fit into these four criteria:

 a) soft b) pretty c) loose-fitting d) maintains quality after washing

And given that I typically end up spending more time in my pajamas than I’d like to admit, I want to invest in a few sets that can help me retain my dignity and femininity (especially if I end up parading around the house in them all day).  As much as I’d love to own this set, the $270 price tag is just ridiculous (& dry clean only probably isn’t the most logical of choices–see above). One would also assume VS could be an easy go-to, but I’ve been pretty disappointed in the few pieces I currently own in terms of how they’ve held up through washing. I think what I’m looking for is made of polyester..so that it doesn’t pill quite as easily as cotton, but isn’t a slippery satin/silk either. Here are some I’ve found in my search, but I think I’ll have to order a few to try on & see if they can really fit the bill!
sleep & loungewear.jpg

|1|  |2|  |3|  |4|  |5|  |6|  |7|  |8|  |9|  |10|

 Obviously these are options for women who aren’t currently nursing a babe too, but they definitely all could work for someone who is!


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