I’d like to think I have my shit together.. My child is bathed and clothed, the laundry isn’t in piles all around the house, the dust on the fans is only a couple months old, and the house gets vacuumed almost once a week.  But I don’t want to drop the ball on spending time outside while we can now that summer has come to an end. So as we head into the first weekend of October, I’m ready to get to crossing off at least one thing from our bucket list for fall–which is notoriously quick where I live; it seems like we have a max of five weeks between the last 80 degree day and the first snow. No bueno.

family fall bucket list

I’m writing it down and putting it here to hold myself accountable–I know I won’t regret it come March (and we still have snow on the ground). I thought I’d also share a recipe I found for apple pie on the rocks.  However, I’m calling it autumn in a glass because I think it’s a more fitting name haha.autumn in a glass

Oh & I almost forgot… You could easily make a non-alcoholic version if you swap out the liquor for ginger ale!

Cheers to the weekend! xo.

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