Tot Threads: Fall

outfits for the little manSince finding out we were having a boy, I was adamant on not having to open the closet to a sea of blue and stripes…four months into this dressing game and I’ve yet to feel like I’ve accomplished that.  First of all, the color options for baby boys is comical.  Secondly, the ratio of girls to boys clothing in-store has got to be at least 3:1.  Which is dumbfounding to’s not like girls wear more clothes than boys?! All of which leaves me standing in the boys section glaring at shirts in different shades of blue, or a stripe, or -get this- a combination of the two.  (side note: superheros and silly characters are also a no-no in my book, but that’s another rant story for another day).

For this reason, I have put together three outfits; each of them neither containing an article of blue clothing OR a stripe & completely fall appropriate.. How ’bout them apples!?

baby boy fall outfit 1

chinos | henley | parka hat shoe

baby boy fall outfit 2

sweats | hello tee | moccasins | sleeveless sweatshirt

baby boy outfit 3

 olive pants | sweatshirt | champ tee | sneakers

I’ve got my eye on that red hat for Rhett; perfect for a chilly morning at the apple orchard! And in case you were wondering, most of these items come in 3+ months…a few even smaller too!


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