I thought my inaugural throwback should be a significant day or memory, so of course I chose our wedding day! I spent so much time planning for the most perfect day and I really don’t think it could have been a better representation of us, our style, or our relationship. I know it’s not about “the stuff,” it’s about the person you’re choosing to spend your life with–and I agree! to an extent.  It wouldn’t be my wedding without the details.. I can’t help myself. I think it has a lot to do with the photographer in me, but I wanted everything picture perfect.  So, last year I planned every.last.detail. and made it all come to life on my own.  I handmade every tissue paper flower and cut/tied each bow tie to the chocolate favors,  I painted the watercolor and calligraphed the names on each escort card, designed the thank you cards..you name it, I did it.  And I am super proud of the way it all came together; as the saying goes, it was “the icing on the cake!”

wedding detailsI wouldn’t have these pictures as a keepsake for all my hard work if these details would have been overlooked, so I couldn’t be more thankful to our amazing photographers. If you’re in the Fort Wayne area, I highly recommend Kyle and Jennifer from Stevenson Photo.

wedding details 2

If I prove anything by marrying you today, let it be that I believe in you; the man you are now, the man you will grow to be, and the couple we will become together.  For we only have one life, and I couldn’t imagine mine without you in it.


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