Tot Threads: Packing

outfits for the little man

Because I have had such a hard time finding inspiration for boys outfits, I wanted to share with you a few I’ve come up with for our upcoming trip to Toronto.  The forecast calls for mid-60’s to low-70’s while we are there this weekend, so I’m thinking that will call for pretty fall-appropriate clothing for Rhett..jeans, short sleeve shirts and a light jacket.  Now that he is four months old, he can actually fit into real clothes (as opposed to the fake kind? haha. you know what I mean!) so it’s fun to get him dressed. I also want to mention that we have a little bit of an obsession for baby shoes over here at casa rynearson. He’s been wearing size 2’s since he was 6 weeks old (which were about twice the size of his foot at the time ha!).. but any of these outfits could work with just a plain pair of white socks, too!

blue nikesgingham shirtslouch hat white collared shirtrust sweater

I think the key to packing for the little ones is to keep clothes in the same color family and find ways to mix and match.  Since Rhett is still spitting up and constantly drooling, I will bring a bunch of shirts (and even a romper that can be disguised as a shirt!) so they can be easily switched out if needed.  I plan to continue this series, so check back next week for more mini outfit inspiration!


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