Newborn Basics

Let me preface this by saying I am the type of momma who sees the beauty in simplicity.  As opposed to needing it ALL, I focus more on quality over quantity.  Same goes for the things I buy Rhett.  Throughout my pregnancy, I read through copious amounts of lists for “newborn basics” on Pinterest. And while those were helpful, I couldn’t justify NEEDING all of those things (some lists had up to 100 items!).

So, here are some things that I believe are basics for a newborn..of which we still have on repeat! I know the things on my list may not be exactly in your budget or your style, however I did purchase these items with the intention of using them for all of our babies! (I’m also going to assume you already have nitty-gritty..diapers/wipes/etc. on your list).  I encourage you to try the minimalist approach, maybe just in one aspect of your’ll soon see how freeing it actually can be.

newborn basics

  1. Alexandra Rose Handmade Burp Cloths: Not just any burp cloths, THESE.  Honestly, they are the thickest and most absorbent ones I have found. We use them over and over and you never have to use the same wet spot twice.  They’re wonderfully handmade and come in the most fun patterns!
  2. Aden+Anais Swaddles: Personally, I love the Aden+Anais swaddles for 3 reasons–they come in packs of multiples (less to worry if one is in the never-ending laundry pile), they can be used for more than just swaddling purposes (think.. burp cloth if you’re in a pinch, blankie, nursing cover, car seat cover) and they come in gender neutral gray!
  3. coverall: Sleep & play onesies are perfect for newborns, and this buttery yellow one is timeless for any baby!
  4. Wubbanub pacifier: This was a game changer.  Gone are the days of worrying about the paci falling (or rocketing out of baby’s mouth) to the ground! We had two Wubbanubs, one for the house and one for the car, but since Rhett has found his thumb, he’s a little less interested in the paci (which is okay since this has turned into quite an expensive dog toy for Rip!)
  5. Comotomo bottles: I’m not gunna lie.. at first, we hated these bottles. For a reason we just could not understand, every time Rhett used them the nipple would get inverted and make it extremely difficult for him to eat. I searched high and low across the internet for someone’s advice on how to fix the problem–to no avail.  Welllll as it turns out, we were heating the milk up too hot for the bottle itself. Once we figured that out, things have been smooth sailing! I will also say that since I exclusively breastfeed, these bottles are great for him to continue practicing a good latch.  The breast vs. bottle flow does seem to influence the amount he spits up after a feeding, but since I only bottle feed when I’d like a glass of wine or two, I’m not too concerned.
  6. Puj baby tub: The Puj tub is a genius idea! For me, I wanted this tub because I’ve always loved the idea of bathing the littlest babies in the kitchen sink, but also because I neglected to notice the absence of a linen closet in our house.  Therefore, even if I wanted one of those fancy 4moms tubs, I just wouldn’t have the space to store it conveniently.  This is a great alternative; it is so lightweight and easy to put away behind a door.
  7. Boon drying rack: Regardless if you plan to bottle or breast feed your baby, you need this thing. I store it on the ledge of the window right in front of the sink.  It makes for the quickest cleanup of bottles and for eating (and pumping!)
  8. Uppababy Mesa Car Seat: I adore our car seat.  It definitely is one of the heaviest on the market, but the extra features are what I think makes it unique and worthy of making the list. One of them is that you can make the carrying handle extend down level with the bottom of the seat and stabilize it..we use this when we set the seat on the table for him to be up with us while we eat dinner!  It also has the ability to be safely strapped in the car without the base. This makes it so we don’t have to worry about the base if we drop him off with his grandparents, or if we want to drive our other car, we can just buckle him in and be on our way.
  9. coconut oil: I’m sure you have heard many people explain how multipurpose this oil is and I’m definitely a fan.  We use it as a diaper rash preventative and I also used it when Rhett was first born to combat cracked nipples.  It seemed to work overnight for me and cross my fingers–Rhett has yet to show any signs of diaper rash!
  10. nail clippers: I knew people said “oh their nails grow so fast!” but really.. SO.FAST. I feel like if Rhett would let me, he’d get a trim every other day.  So when I say these are a necessity, I mean it.  There are many other types of clippers for babies, but I have found these to be the most comfortable and quickest way for me to get the job done.. and yes, you both will cry the first time you accidentally get a little skin–but I promise it heals super quick!
  11. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump: If you plan to formula feed, you can omit this from your list.. However, I will point out that if you haven’t heard or been under a giant rock, the new healthcare laws require that a breast pump be covered (in-part) by your insurance company-so even if you plan to formula feed, maybe look into getting one just to have around if you ever change your mind?  Here’s the important part though–if they allow you to choose which one..for your own sanity, get the freestyle. It is battery-powered* (I have only had to charge mine twice!), it is easy to bring along in ANY bag, and also it doesn’t have those tiny little membranes that you’d have to worry about or continue repurchasing!  Our insurance company paid 80% instead of covering the entirety of the pump, but I happily paid a little more for the freestyle and would definitely do it again.

And that completes my list! Those are the things that really stuck out to me for our needs, I hope that it can be helpful in determining yours


*I want to mention that you have to charge this pump for a full 24 hours before the first use…so don’t end up like me where your husband is out at 3 in the morning buying a hand pump because you’re crying your boobs are so full and have no way empty them without waking the baby! ha! 


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