The Beginning

It seems fitting that my first post should catch you up on my life up to this moment, so I’ll take you back to my senior year in high school.. that’s when Danny and I met. It seems like just yesterday I was watching him walk through the parking lot of the tanning salon where I worked to meet me.  After I introduced myself and we exchanged pictures of ourselves via text message a few days prior, classy I know, it felt like I already knew the guy walking up.  We exchanged hellos (about as awkwardly as you can get given that I was at work), chatted for a few minutes, made plans to go out with our friends later that week, and then he left.  Exactly a week after our first conversation, he asked me to be his girlfriend and we have literally been together ever since.  Despite having to live two hours apart my first year of college, we stayed together.. he’s a year younger than I am.  Once Danny followed me to Purdue, for three years we lived together, went on vacations together (we even got to spend an entire summer living in SoCal), we got engaged, got a dog, we fought, we laughed, and we cried, but most of all we made memories that neither one of us will ever forget–together.  Then, once I graduated, we had decisions to make.. would Danny stay at Purdue and finish his degree? Would I get a job and start life in the adult world alone? After many many many discussions, we decided to move back home where Danny would work full-time (and finish his degree online) and I’d dabble in family portrait photography.  So that first year that’s exactly what we did.  Well…and we bought a house and I planned our wedding.  Against the curse of many a superstition, we exchanged vows on Friday the 13th of June.. three short months later we found out we were going to be parents!

Rhett Donovan was born two weeks early at 5:53am on May 18th 2015.
Our hearts couldn’t have been more full.

Now, here we are four months later and I have everything I ever wanted.  Growing up I never even considered the possibility of being a stay-at-home mama, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.  I get to see my little guy grow up in front of my eyes.. Who wouldn’t want the chance to do that?  And as much as I absolutely adore being a mom to my son, I still feel the need and desire to continue to explore myself and my creativity (through photos, calligraphy, design, style, travel and more!) and also to connect with people.. which is why I’m here. I want to share my love for these things with you and you to share yours with me!!

Join me, will ya?


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